The below form application is for a Merchant Account.


Please fill it in correct and we will be in touch with you for further details, confirmations and any other details we feel are needed.

Notes for Merchants:

  • We will not allow the payment of anything that is not legal
  • Tangible products must have a tracking number which can be requested at any time by us
  • Random spot checks will be made by our Support team
  • The Merchant’s website must have a Privacy and Refund Policy
  • Fees for each Merchant will be decided separetly according to the products or services sold
  • Payouts for Merchants will be through Bank Wire Transfers
  • Payout periods will be determined upon products or services sold
  • Usually payouts are per 15 days for the previous 15 days
  • Minimum withdraw amount is set to €1000

Merchant Application Form